K3vin Envoy plays Adventures of a Cosmonaut for President of Russia Vladimir Putin.


K3vin Envoy is the first American EDM Artist/DJ to bridge to gap between East and West and play the Adventures of a Cosmonaut album at the Kremlin. As a thank you for Envoy’s  work at the Moscow orphanage, President Vladimir Putin invites him to play at the Kremlin.  In addition, it seems President Putin supports the Moscow orphanage, as well as, loving dance music.

It’s interesting to note, K3vin Envoy is the second DJ/Producer to ever perform at the Kremlin.  The first was Russian DJ Fenix. So what song do you play for President Putin? Knowing the President’s history as a pilot, K3vin Envoy responds by playing for floor stomper, “Aerial Flight” from Adventures of a Cosmonaut!

Pistachio Ice Cream & the Rolls-Royce


Generally speaking, Lenin was an admirer of all things British, especially the Rolls-Royce. And so it comes to pass, Lenin’s Rolls was a genuine “gift” from the British to Lenin.  In addition,  the Tzar’s Fleet was a thing of the past.  Even to this day, Lenin’s Rolls-Royce is on display in the Moscow State Historical Museum in Red Square.

Nowadays President Putin uses his own antique white Rolls-Royce for public events.  By the same token he uses the rolls during the Victory Parade in Red Square.  The car is a reminder of the defeat of Nazi Germany and Russian patriotism.

Today, bridging the gap between East meets West,  K3vin Envoy leans on President Putin’s Rolls-Royce. At the came time, he’s sporting pistachio ice cream, an invention credited to Philadelphia’s James W. Parkinson, a US inventor,  in the 1940’s.

Putin Rolls_Length

Isn’t it appropriate the song, “DNA”, places Lucy among the stars?

While Lucy is the oldest discovered hominid and humanities oldest ancestor.  In addition, she lived in Ethiopia 3.2 million years ago, but how did she get that name? Paleoanthropologist Donald Johnson headed back to campsite where he brought back some remains.  During his examination of the skull, Johnson put a Beatles cassette in the tape player, and the song ‘Lucy in the Sky of Diamonds’ came on. And so, Lucy is given a name.  If you want to read the article, Six things you must know about Lucy, it’s posted here …  at DNAIndia.com


Adventures of a Cosmonaut


K3vin Envoy

Adventures of a Cosmonaut


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The Moscow Orphanage


While on a field trip with the Moscow Orphanage, Envoy went to see the Russian space shuttle, Buran, AKA blizzard or snowstorm. It’s during that time, K3vin is reminded of how spaceships and cosmonauts inspire everyone to dream big! In a flurry of inspiration, Envoy writes amazing songs dedicated the children at Moscow orphanage. And so it seems, as a memory of the Russian space shuttle, of kid-like fascination and of space travel, this album is born.

A year later, K3vin preforms his Ablum for the orphans at The Moscow Orphanage.  And so, it came about, President Vladimir Putin hears about the “American friend” who plays EDM for the children and invites K3vin Envoy to the Kremlin to play for him.

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